[DVDRIP] té – ZNRV-002 [2009]

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“Things to pollute music are not a pleasure, not an inertia, and not a sensuality. Music is polluted by calculations that reality demands, by deliberations that comes from experiences, and by learning lessons. The way to save the polluted music is the expression from the audiences; innocence.”

「音楽を汚すものは、悦楽でも、惰性でも、官能でも無い。 現実が要求する打算と、経験から生まれる熟慮、それに反省。 現実を汚す音楽を救えるものは、受取手の無垢という表現」
01. Human beings are born in freedom, and get “chained” at every turn.
02. Even mightiest soul and mightiest power, it is same as nothing if there is no intellect.
03. We all “fear” the days flying by, although we all want to escape from the status quo.
04. Daredevil is child of ignorance & mean and it is inferior to other qualification.
05. The greatest trust for others will be “born” from self-reliance within.
06. Also love and faith keep up with a daily small deed.
07. “Value” is determined best and equally through the inspection by the wise.
08. Poem is just a lonely “solace” shared by a master of the sick-minded and the solitary.
09. All human beings “have” the strength to live with other people’s misery.
10. A Thought Would Never Let People “Watch” What They Choose. Instead, It Let Them See What They Hope to See.
11. If there is no word which tells sound, beautiful melody does not keep in mind.
12. You can not call anyone happy, if you do not had been any trouble.
13. Avarice would speak with every word, it “acts” every part and it even pretends to ne not avaricious.
14. Dream is a colloquial term describing a “lie”, as if to embellish an ugly and humdrum life.
15. Those who play using word are not in the talent, it is only there’s memory.
16. “Existence” of eloquence is only in a look of people’s face that remain silence, and it even beats any kind of words.
17. We all create “meaning” in our encounter, as to not to expect a meaningful encounter.
18. It must be called “Intelligence” if people stop when they realize they are not able to become what they are wishing to be.
19. We Promise With a View to Hope, But the Reason to “Accomplish” What We Promised Would Be Fear.
20. shitou,yuei,shifun,kandon,kouyou,taimei,kanthin,yuryoku,hisshi,bouzin.


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