[DVDISO] 意識高い乙女のジレンマ/抱きしめられてみたい (Limited Edition B) [2020.01.15]

Ishiki Takai Otome no Dilemma / Dakishimerarete Mitai (意識高い乙女のジレンマ/抱きしめられてみたい) is Tsubaki Factory’s 6th single. It was released on January 15, 2020 in 4 editions: 2 regular and 2 limited.
A nine-member version of the digital song “Nineteen no Shinkirou (’19 Summer Ver.)”, which was originally recorded without Asakura Kiki, is included as a B-side in Regular Edition A; and “Hair up Sora e!”, which was used as the Japanese opening theme song for the DreamWorks animated TV series Trolls: Sing, Dance, Hug! on TV Tokyo, is included as a B-side in Regular Edition B.

1. Dakishimerarete Mitai (Music Video)
2. Dakishimerarete Mitai (Dance Shot Ver.)



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