[BDISO] 電影少女 -VIDEO GIRL MAI 2019- Blu-ray BOX [2020.01.15]

[BDISO] 電影少女 -VIDEO GIRL MAI 2019- Blu-ray BOX [2020.01.15]

A live-action drama series based on hit manga series “Denei Shoujo” by Masakazu Katsura comes out on Blu-ray. Co-stars Yamashita Mizuki (Nogizaka46) and Riku Hagiwara. Contains episodes 1 through 12. Includes a bonus disc featuring making-of, Mai-chan’s popular lines, trailer and more bonus video footage.

●ビデオガール・神尾マイ VHS“なぐさめてあげる”映像(完全版)
●ビデオガール・神尾マイ VHS“なぐさめてあげる”映像(青年松尾版)



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